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Prevents particle adhesion during dicing

Cutting water additive to prevent particle adhesion
Particle adhesion is a frequently encountered issue in workpieces with higher water repellency than silicon wafers, such as image sensors with a resin film attached. StayClean-A prevents the workpiece from drying out, and substantially lowers the adhesion of particles by impairing their settling speed.

Product Classification

Low environmental burden

StayClean-A does not include any regulated chemicals, such as substances covered under the RoHS directive or PFOS. Furthermore, StayClean-A can be used in the same environment* as normal dicing.
*If your cutting water is being circulated, please contact your DISCO sales representative.




StayClean-A lowers the settling speed of the contamination and prevents adhesion by creating rising air bubbles in the cutting water.




StayClean Injector

By using the injector developed exclusively for StayClean, stable supply is possible even at concentrations more dilute than one part per thousand.



  • Cautions before using StayClean-A
  • Make sure to read the MSDS before using StayClean-A because it describes detailed care regarding its use.
  • Do not use StayClean-A for any unintended use.
  • Cautions regarding the use of StayClean-A
  • Take care that it does not touch your eyes or skin, wear appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and glasses when handling it.
  • Avoid using it in conjunction with other chemical agents (in particular strong acids or strong alkalines).
  • Cautions regarding StayClean-A storage
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and store in a cool dark place. Do not place it in a freezer.
  • Seal the container properly before storing it.
  • With the container still sealed, the warranty period is one year from the date of manufacture.