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Semi-automatic surface planer for Φ300 mm wafers

Φ300 mm
1 axis, 1 chuck table

Ultrahigh-precision planarization technology using a diamond bit
The DISCO surface planer provides solutions for high-precision planarization of ductile materials such as metals, resins, and their composites as well as solutions for reducing bump height variation and surface roughness.

Product Classification

Processability by workpiece material



Bump planarization

The planarization process reduces Au bump height variation and stress (temperature and load) when bonding Au-Au interfaces for use in next generation SiP solutions.




LED phosphor resin planarization

Variations in resin thickness of the LED emission unit is the cause of color irregularities. Planarization of the resin and bumps with high accuracy using a diamond bit can contribute towards the stabilization of LED color emissions.


The even surface thickness results in uniform LED color distribution




Protective tape planarization

Backgrinding of wafers with large bumps can result in high wafer thickness variation. The final wafer surface thickness variation can be reduced by tape planarization prior to grinding.



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