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Ablation Process

A processing method utilizing high-intensity laser irradiation in brief intervals to perform cutting.

• Little to no heat damage to the workpiece.
• Non-contact processing with low impact and load.
• Ideal for hard workpieces that are very difficult to process.
• Able to reduce streets down to 10 μm in width. (depends on workpiece conditions)

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 Ablation process example





Environmental Conditions:

  • Use clean, oil-free air (dew point between -10 - -20 , residual oil: 0.1 ppm, and filtration rating: 0.01μm/99.5 % or more).
  • Keep room temperature fluctuations within ±1℃ of the set value. (Set value should be between 20 - 25 ℃).
  • Keep cutting water and cleaning water 2 ℃ above room temperature (fluctuations within ±1 ℃).
  • The machines should be used in an environment, free from external vibration. Do not install machine near a ventilation opening, heat generation equipment or oil mist generating parts.
  • This machine uses water. In case of water leakage, please install the machine on the floor with sufficient waterproofing and drainage treatments.
  • All pressures specified above are gauge pressures.
  • As the above specification may change due to technical modifications. Please confirm when placing your order.
  • For further information, please contact your local sales representative.